Can You Hide Your IP While Playing a Game or Running a Software & How?

Well the other day I was on my daily Yahoo Answers duty where I answer some questions that interest me and I stumbled upon an interesting question  asked 4 years ago by someone who chose not to reveal his name (I don’t know why). The question was “Can I hide my IP address on applications?” Though the question is simple enough, there are many types of applications out there. We have web browsers, games, antivirus software, Photoshop, uTorrent on our computer all of which can be broadly categorized as applications. With respect to the context the question was asked in, I figured out that the questioner wants to hide his IP when he’s using a software or playing a game online like Modern Warfare or Far Cry 4 for some reason. Well, the person had some idea if it can be done or not and how, but he was unsure if the way he thinks is the way to go. So, can you hide your IP while using an application or playing an online game?

Can I hide my IP address?

You definitely can! Well there are many reasons why you may want to hide your IP address. Some of the reasons I can think of are to prevent your real location from being revealed, to keep your connection private and data secure / encrypted, for extra privacy, to access blocked websites and also to play games online.

Why do you need to hide your real IP while gaming?

Well, if you’re an avid gamer you already know the answer to this question but if you aren’t let me tell you why. A while ago I talked about not revealing your IP address online to hide your real location. Well, if you’re hiding your real location, you’re using some other location, right? I’m sure you agree to the fact that you cannot connect to a network without an IP address. Well, when it comes to gaming, there are several servers with regional restrictions. For example, a Counter Strike server based in the USA may not work for those residing in China. A server based in UK, may not have access in India and so on. So hiding your real location = choosing your desired location. If you want to access a gaming server in the US, and you’re from China, you can hide your real IP address and instead use one which shows that you are from the USA. This is the primary reason why gamers change their IP address so that they can access servers based in other countries.

Well now that you know IP addresses can be hidden, how do we do it? Well it’s simple. There are two ways to hide your IP address / change your location – either use a proxy or a VPN service. I choose the latter. The reason being, VPNs are more flexible and reliable. Proxies don’t work well for gaming. Proxies are often slower and the procedure to configure a proxy can often get confusing & leave you in a fix where as VPNs are often easy to install and use. They either come as an installer or an app (for phones) and can be easily installed and set up in under 5 minutes. Mostly VPN services allow you to choose a location of your choice and change it at your will.

So if you’re into gaming or use software that queries some sites, your IP address may often get blocked. You may even be kicked out of gaming servers on several occasions and that’s when you’ll love to have a VPN because it’s so simple to use and operate, you can change your IP address in no time. For software, you may even give proxies a try since many software that are internet based have inbuilt support for proxies.

So in general, if you’re a gamer use a high-speed VPN service (some good VPN services are HideMyAss, PureVPN, IPVanish & ExpressVPN) where as if you work with software that needs continuous access to the web to query websites, you may either go with a proxy server or you can also use a VPN. VPN is an option that works no matter what where as a proxy may not work out always. I hope this helps!